Sample Appreciation Letter To Retired Employee

Sample Appreciation Letter To Retired Employee/ Sample Thank You Letter To Retired Employee/Appreciation Note To Retired Employee

Sample Appreciation Letter To Retired Employee - Example One 

Dear (retiree’s name),
We will definitely miss your presence and your exceptional service at the office this coming week. In the 20 years that you have worked with the company, we have enjoyed the fruits of your exemplary work. Your organizational skills have set a lot of systems straight which contributed a lot to the efficiency of the work place. The junior employees have seen an excellent example of work ethic from you.

Congratulations on your retirement. May you fully enjoy the perks of your retirement years in good health and with good relationships. Although we hate to see you go, we are happy to see you rest from the stresses of daily corporate life and now move to a peaceful and blissful lifestyle you fully deserve.

(name of colleague)

Sample Appreciation Letter To Retired Employee - Example Two  

Dear (retiree’s name), 
After 25 years of service here in (name of company), we have a heavy heart to see you go. It seems so hard to believe that more than two decades have gone by. I do congratulate you for achieving retirement status, a position many of us in the corporate world also look forward to one day.

During the early years of your tenure, when the company was in deep turmoil, you contributed so much of your effort and talents to find solutions to the problems. We are truly grateful for your dedication and smart work which helped the company rise again to where it is today.

We thank you for everything you have done for the company. We wish you all the best as you move to a more relaxed and enjoyable phase in life.

(name of colleauge)

Sample Appreciation Letter To Retired Employee - Example Three

Dear (retiree’s name),
Congratulations on your retirement. I was surprised and saddened after learning about the announcement of your early retirement.

During your few years of tenure, we have seen how the department’s morale was boosted. Your colleagues have nothing but praises to your hard work, professionalism, and your friendly attitude you have shown at work.

You have been a tremendous asset to the company with your patience and concern for our clients, the company, as well as to your colleagues. It is sad to see you go this soon.

Just the same, I am still happy that you have decided in favor of your family’s welfare in seeking a more fulfilling and peaceful life in another country. I wish you all the best as you go on your retirement.

(name of boss)

Sample Appreciation Letter To Retired Employee - Example Four

Dear John,
The day you announced about your retirement, I felt sad for myself but also happy for you and your family. How dare you take away the cheerful aura from this office. You are my only coffee buddy. Now I have to find another one who can take your place. Good luck to me.

Honestly, I am just as excited to know that you will be in a more relaxed state, enjoying more time on vacations, hobbies, and with your grandchildren. I can’t wait to visit you in your newly-constructed state-of-the art shed and have barbecues with you soon since you are just a few minutes’ drive away. For now, enjoy the transition and a longer vacation.

Congratulations on your retirement, buddy!

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