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After a few weeks of school break, perhaps you realized how much your child’s pre-school teacher needs to be appreciated even more. Aside from teaching your toddlers, they help keep parents sane. Here are some sample appreciation messages you can give to your child’s nursery teachers. Also check our another great collection on thank you messages for teachers. 

  • The dedication and concern you show my children are beyond words. Thank you for being their teacher.

  • Parents bring them to the world; you helped me nurture them to learn their basics in academics. Thank you so much. 

  • Because of your encouragement, my child is excited to wake up early and prepare for school day. I am a happy parent. Thank you.

  • Your smile and welcoming presence each school day brightens up the mood of all the kids in school. They always look forward to seeing you every day. 

  • Thank you for allowing my child to be creative even if she does not always follow the worksheets. It is rare to see teachers who appreciate the kid’s individuality. 

  • Thank you for introducing my child to appreciate basic chores at home. Your school activities really helped encourage her to clean up her mess in her room. 

  • In a world of prejudice and cultural boundaries, you have helped shown our child the meaning of equality in a way that kids understand. We really appreciate that. 

  • I cannot express in words how thankful I am for accommodating my children. Because of that, I have a few hours for alone time for myself. Those hours are very important for a busy mom like me.

  • Since the day my child stepped in your nursery class, her love for learning began. She is still as enthusiastic as ever. Thank you for your dedication.

  • I woke up today and saw that my baby is now a big boy. He speaks and counts so well now. Thank you, teacher for guiding him through the basics. As he moves to the next level, we know that we owe these lessons to you. 

  • I am glad to say that my child has finally come out of her shy self. Thanks to your teachings and encouragement. 

  • Thank you, teacher, for giving my child the best possible start on the world of academics. You are simply the best!
  • Academic program is just one part of training. I commend you for teaching good values and social skills at this early age as well.

  • Thank you for your constant reassurance that there is no problem with my child. Your encouragement means a lot to our family.

  • We cannot begin to imagine how to thank you for all the wonderful experiences our child has gained through your nursery classes. Thank you so much.

  • Thank you, Teacher _________ for your tireless attention and unwavering care for my child and to all your nursery students. You are the best!

  • As my son moves to the next level, I am happy to say that he is a more confident and enthusiastic boy now. This is all because of you. Thank you. Teacher.
  • Since my daughter transferred to your nursery class, she has shown great progress in her confidence and social skills. I couldn’t thank you enough for guiding her through this development period.

  • I am proud to have an achiever child and I am thankful that you are the teacher. 

  • I am pleased to see a great improvement in my child’s attitude and skill sets. Thank you for introducing him to the essentials. 

  • Each day when my son comes home, he has a lot of good things to say about his experiences at the nursery. Thank you, teacher.

  • Thank you for helping us nurture our child to follow the right paths of learning and socialization.
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