Appreciation Messages After Funeral/ Funeral Thank you Note wording/ Thank You Messages After Funeral/ Sample Thank You Wordings After Funeral/Bereavement Thank You Card Messages

Losing a loved one is sad and depressing but you shouldn’t forget to thank the people who mourned with you and were there to support you. Go ahead and show them your appreciation it will really mean a lot to them and for you as well in expressing you gratitude. 

Here is a collection of sample appreciation wordings after funeral that you can use to show your loved ones how much their help and presence meant to you during your difficult time. 

  • Thank you for being there at Dad’s funeral. Your presence and contribution meant a lot!

  • Thank you for your love and support during our difficult time. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness and sympathy. 

  • Thank you for the flowers you sent on my sister’s funeral. They were her favorite which reminded me so much of her beautiful smile.

  • Thank you for the meal you sent after the funeral. Your kindness is appreciated a lot. 

  • Thank you for remembering us during this trying time. My mom valued your friendship and I’m sure she’ll understand why you couldn’t be there at her funeral.
  • Your words of sympathy are heartfelt. Thank you for showing your love and care for our family.

  • Thank you for being there during my brother’s funeral. I know you took the effort to travel so far just to see him one last time. Your kindness is well appreciated. 

  • Thank you for being at Dad’s funeral. He was fond of recalling your younger years when you were starting the company. Your kindness is much appreciated.

  • Your love and support are heartfelt through the sympathy card you sent. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

  • Thank you for all the help you have extended during Mom’s funeral. It means so much to us to see your sincere caring and concern. God bless. 

  • I am very much touched by your sympathy card. You are a good friend of the family and your kindness is much appreciated. 
  • Your help in the arrangement of dad’s funeral service meant a great deal to us. Thank you so much for your kindness. 

  • Our family is grateful for the sympathy card you sent. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

  • I was overwhelmed with grief when Dad passed away. Your help throughout the service and funeral is unparalleled. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. 

  • Thank you for that wonderful flower arrangement at my sister’s funeral. She would have loved it if she saw it. You presence means a great deal for the family.

  • Thank you for being there at Patrick’s funeral. It means a lot to the family to see his close friends come together and pay their respects. 

  • Your eulogy was so beautiful and heartwarming. It means so much to the family hearing our Dad’s involvement in things that were bigger than him. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

  • Thank you for attending John’s funeral and your generous donation is highly appreciated. Our family is forever grateful to you.

  • The flower arrangement you sent at Mom’s funeral were gorgeous. Our family is grateful that you remembered that roses were her favorite. Thank you so much.

  • Your funeral message deeply touched our family. Thank you for bringing back the fun memories of dad. Our family extends our heartfelt thank you for your thoughtfulness. 

  • It is so much thoughtful of you sending that lovely flower arrangement for Mom’s funeral. They were her favorite. Our family sends you our heartfelt thanks. 

  • Thank you for sponsoring the caterers after the Dad’s funeral. Your generosity and thoughtfulness is highly appreciated by the family. 

  • We deeply appreciate your kind message you sent through your sympathy card. Our family is grateful for our friendship.

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