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Did you know that October 16 is National Boss Day? This day was established in 1958 to honor the leadership and achievements of Boss. But you don’t have to wait for this special day to show your appreciation to the king of the office. 

Be a supportive staff for a boss who deserves to be recognized for his actions by sending him appreciation messages. Here is a collection of sample thank you messages to Boss that you can use to covey your thanks and gratitude to your boss for his non-stop support towards you.

  • Thank you for being a steadfast boss. Your management style serves as my inspiration. 

  • The raise came at the perfect time. Thank you for recognizing my potential as an employee. 

  • Each work day becomes survivable because of your praises. Thank you for being an encouraging boss. 

  • Thank you for the generous raise. I will finally be able to treat my family to something nice out of the fruits of my labor. 

  • Everything I now know about the business, I learned from you. Thank you for being my boss and mentor.

  • It has always been a privilege to work for you. Thank you, boss for your untiring guidance and support as I work my way up the corporate ladder. 

  • I really appreciate the corrections you make on my mistakes. Thank you for your patience with me, boss. 

  • Your commitment to quality of work is contagious. Because of your example I seek to perform to the best of my abilities. 

  • It is through your support that I became motivated to push myself beyond what I think I can. Thank you for seeing my potential. 

  • While I still have the opportunity, let me thank you for all that you have done not only for my but for the whole department. You are the most supportive boss we ever had. Thank you for everything.

  • Thank you for the promotion you gave me. The skills you taught me will definitely go a long way. 

  • I am grateful for having a supportive boss like you. You don’t mince words but it was through those words that I find my motivation. Thank you.

  • Here’s a big “thank you” to our ever supportive boss. We are honored to be working in your department. 

  • No fuss, no frills, I just want to thank you, boss for all the support you gave throughout the project. Even with your busy schedule, you never failed to check on us.

  • To a terrific boss, thank you for being fair to us. Your judgement is always dependable. 

  • Being your subordinate was the best training I ever had in the corporate world. Thank you for everything, boss.

  • Your professionalism and compassion to your employees serve as a great example for us all. Thank you, boss.

  • As we continue to work with your day by day, we begin to understand and appreciate your vision for the company. Thank you for always being supportive of our creative projects.

  • We are very blessed to be working in a very positive environment. Thanks to your leadership and management, boss.

  • Thank you for giving me a chance to work for you, boss. My experience and knowledge are continuously enriched because of your advices.

  • Thank you for guiding me and for correcting my every mistake. Because of you, I grow and mature in the business world.

  • I consider myself a very fortunate individual to have met a great and supportive boss like you. 
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