Sample Appreciation letter to Colleague

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Formal Appreciation letter to Colleague

Dear Mr. Boswell,

We wish to express our sincere appreciation to you as well as to the members of your team for the exceptional quality of work you have produced during the recent launching of the company’s latest product. The CEO Mr. Thomkins commended the whole presentation during the short meeting we had before the event started, and I would like you to know that the other invited quests and sponsors were also pleased.

As a result of your impressive work, the company was able to meet the expected support from sponsors both within and beyond the reaches of our target market.

Thank you for leading the team in my absence. You have not only followed what we have originally planned out, you have added the creative touches that made the final output look extra polished. I had no regrets assigning you the responsibility. You did a great job, comrade!

Moving forward, we will be having a department dinner to celebrate this job well done. This is a token of appreciation from yours truly. I also requested from our boss a paid three-day break for your team. I know everyone is exhausted from all the work completed. You all deserve some rest to regain your strength and creative juices. In the meantime, I’ll coordinate with the management the upcoming projects.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and support. I will see you and the rest of the guys soon.

Darnell Collins
Creative Director


Informal Appreciation letter to Colleague

Hey John,

I just want to thank you for your awesome job on the presentation made yesterday. Your work is truly commendable. Even the big bosses and other top guns in the industry noticed how well the whole set up was made. I was even tempted to say that it was my idea, but nah! It’s all your concept and handiwork. Hey, just joking, buddy. I am dying with envy, (ehem) admiration.

Seriously, John, I have never seen such a unique and strong concept. It was a work of art. Yeah! That level! I have seen you stress out on this project from the start until the last day of delivery. I am amazed at your level of patience and consistency with your work, sometimes to the point of fatigue.

Now that the project is finished, let’s celebrate to your success. I made a reservation at the VIP club this weekend. Go gather the team and invite them over so we can chill and let loose for a while before we get back to work on Monday again. So, what do you think? Cool huh?

Think about it. The invitation is open and just let me know when you feel like going and when you are all ready for action and some fun.

Finally, I thank you again for doing what you do best. You have inspired not only me but also the rest of the guys in the department.


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