Appreciation letter to Dad

Appreciation letter to Dad/ Sample Thank you Letter to Dad 

Daddy dear,
I am writing you Dad to tell you how lucky I am to be your daughter. That’s right, I am going to go all cheesy on you now.  First off, I just had this epiphany out of nowhere, that you’ve been so hard on me to teach me an important lesson. And that is to stand up for something. I get it now dad. I know I’ve been rebellious lately and that is because I couldn’t get what you are trying to point out. I was all caught up in myself and I guess that was part of the lesson too. You are such a wise father that I feel proud to be your daughter. Thank you, Dad, for opening my eyes to reality.

Heartfelt Thank You Letter to Dad/ Thank you Note to Dad 

Dear Dad,
This may be a bit awkward but I just want to tell you seriously how grateful I am to be raised by you. Only now do I get the values that you were trying to teach me. I’ve been so selfish and immature all along that I thought it was just about you and your power tripping as a father of the family. I was dead wrong and I know that now. Forgive me for my wayward attitude. I know it’s not yet too late for me to change.  I will try to be the son you’ve always wanted. You are wise and wise men only seek the passing of their wisdom. Let me tell you that you have succeeded in that mission.
Much love,

Heartfelt Thank You Message to Dad on Fathers Day/ What to write in a Thank you Note to Dad 

Dear Dad, 
I am sure you’ll feel weird about this. But I’m writing you because I want to let you know how much I appreciate you accepting who I am and what I am. We’ve had our heartaches and pains during my revelation that I was gay. I know it pains you to see me like this. But this is not a reflection of who you are, but of me. It’s the way that I am.  It wasn’t a smooth ride but we have come to terms already and I feel relieved. Thank you, Dad, for your understanding. Society will still bear its stigma on both of us. But I’m confident there will be acceptance in the long run.  Thanks for everything dad.

Sample Thank You Wordings to Dad on Fathers Day/ What to write in a Thank you Letter to Dad 

Daddy dear,
I wanted you to know how lucky I feel being your son. That’s right, I’m going to go awkward all over you this time. Yes, I love you Dad, and that’s that. Why? Because you are the best dad one can have. I’m not asking for money nor am I in any trouble whatsoever. I just read this fantastic book that’s quite life changing. I’ve read that when you spread out positivity, your life would be filled with positive vibes everywhere. No, I’m not going crazy. After all, when else would I say these words. I did not want to wait for Christmas or your birthday. I want you to know I appreciate you being my dad. Every single day.
Love much,

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Appreciation Letter to Landlord

Appreciation Letter to Landlord/ Sample Appreciation Letter to Landlord/ Thank You Letter To Landlord/ What to write in a Thank You Letter to Landlord/ Sample Appreciation Note to Landlord

            Appreciation Letter to Landlord

Dear (name),

I want you to know how much I appreciate how fast you took action in repairing the water leak in my roof. First I was really angry at how things were because the water leak almost busted my computer and ruined my bed. 

I was thinking of storming down your office and give you a rain of anger I was in. But then I realized how you were not the old landlord I had in a different apartment. I was dealing already with a different person who is the opposite of who I had in mind. I knew this wasn’t your fault and things do breakdown in time. 

Thank you for the swift action. I have nothing for you but praises.

                               Appreciation Letter to Landlord

Dear -----

I do appreciate how you allowed me to use the extra 60 square meters of space at no extra charge. This will really help me in my workshop which had its set back due to my being transferred here. 

Anyway, looking at real estate properties for rent in the market really made me feel lucky I found a landlord like you. Who else gives free use of open space to a stranger? Maybe God has led me to you so I can continue my craft. In fact, I feel guilty not following your advice of covering my floor with rug. I know you don’t want your floors to be damaged by all the moving of furniture. I’ll be buying them as soon as I get the budget.


                         Appreciation Letter to Landlord

Dear Landlord,
I would like you to know that I appreciate how you handle your property. This is the only time in my whole renting experience that surroundings are perfectly clean and in order. The pool is always ready for use and I won’t be embarrassed taking in some guests for a dip. 

The trash collection is spot on as it is taken away before the stinks develop. The floors in the hallway are orderly and well lighted at night. It’s like living in a plush expensive condominium.
You raise the standard for living and therefore affecting lives of the people around to live in that high standard.  Thank you for raising the bar in apartment living. No wonder your waiting list is always long.


                                     Appreciation Letter to Landlord


I hope you are having a nice day. Let me add to your enjoyment and let you know how much I appreciate the way you handled those crooks in the apartment compound. They were such a nuisance and I know you’ve had your share of headaches with them. Today I just found out they all had some serious prior records with the police. 

Thank goodness they did not wreak havoc in this apartment complex. I know you had your suspicion, so did we. I loved how you played along until you got solid evidence against them and eventually got caught red handed.

It’s comforting to know that I am under a really responsible landlord. Here are two tickets to tonight’s ball game for two. A simple gesture to show my appreciation.


Appreciation Letter to Doctor

Appreciation Letter to Doctor/ Sample Appreciation Letter to Doctor/ Thank You Letter To Doctor/ What to write in a Thank You Letter to Doctor/ Sample Appreciation Note to Doctor
Sample Appreciation Letter To Doctor 

Dear Doctor (name of doctor),
I would like to express my deepest gratitude for everything that you have done for me during my treatment I never thought that I would play sports again after my accident. You gave me a glimpse of hope when you explained about the procedure and the post operation therapy.

Thank you for being patient with me, week after week, during my therapy towards full recovery. On each and every trip to your clinic, I see the future getting  brighter. 

Now, that I can move again, I have no words to express how thankful I am to you. You are a blessing to my life as well as to other patients who have suffered similar conditions as mine. 

Thanks again and more power to you.

Sample Appreciation Letter To Doctor 

Dear Doctor (name of doctor),
On behalf of our family, I wish to thank you for your expert care and professional wisdom during my father’s battle with cancer. He passed away yesterday in peace. We thank you for extending his life and doing everything in your capacity to treat his ailment. 

It was his choice to be sent home to be with the family on his final days of his life; and I have seen that happy spark in his eyes each and every time a member of the family spends time with him. He was able to see a few more places that he wished to visit. 
Because of you, he gained additional strength to enjoy the last moments of his life. Thank you so much, Doctor. 

Son of (patient’s name)


            Sample Appreciation Letter To Doctor 

Dear Doc,
No amount of words can express how thankful I am for the care and treatment you have given to my daughter (name). When we saw her at the ER of the hospital, my hopes were almost shattered. It was your reassurance that brought me hope. It was a tragic accident for many. We were thankful that she survived. We left her in the intensive care with peace of mind knowing that she was already in good hands.
Thank you very much for the phenomenal job you have done on her facial reconstructive surgery.  Now, all the burn marks and stitches are almost gone and she can continue with the normal activities she used to do prior to that fire.
It was a blessing knowing you. Thank you for everything.

                  Sample Appreciation Letter To Doctor 

Dear Doctor (name of doctor),
With much joy, we’d like to let you know that Daniel has now fully recovered from the trauma he developed as a result of the refugee escape of their family last year. 
You truly have a way with kids. You have shown Daniel the care beyond what is normally expected from a child psychologist. We appreciate so much how you accepted him and treated him without a hint of prejudice despite the goings on in the world right now.
Thanks to you, he is now a very active boy in school, getting along well with children his age. Our hearts overflow with gratitude. May you be blessed by the Lord as you continue to help more children like Daniel. 

Mrs. Rita Sondberg

Appreciation Letter to Boss

Appreciation Letter to Boss/ Sample Appreciation Letter to Boss/ Thank You Letter To Boss/ Formal Appreciation Letter to Boss/ Informal Appreciation Letter to Boss / What to write in a Appreciation Letter to Boss/ Sample Appreciation Note to Boss

Formal Appreciation letter to Boss 

Dear Mr Martin

I would like to formally express my appreciation for your patience and support from the time I was a rookie employee up to this day. Your impressive level of professionalism and expertise in management became my inspiration to work hard and work wisely. I must admit that I was very intimidated with your presence during my first year of service as your subordinate (well, in fact I still am), but later I have seen the more emphatic side of you, which I am very impressed with. How you manage and balance your work life and family life showed me an excellent example of something I should emulate someday. 

For all the lessons I have learned during my years of service in your department, I am deeply grateful. Through the challenges and goals you have set and pushed me to attain, I have developed skills that I wouldn’t have grasped in a short period of time.

Thank you for your recommendation for my move to another sister company in Europe. I was pleasantly surprised yet nervous at the same time knowing that this will be a different challenge for me. With all the training I have received from you, I am confident that I will be able to adjust in due time.

Again, thank you very much for your support and leadership you have shown. I will do my best to prove that your recommendation will not be wasted.

Frank Smith


Informal Appreciation letter to Boss 

Dear Gina,

I know you hate being called “boss” because you want to keep a low-key profile; but just this time, let me call you “boss” because deep within, I have always and will always consider you my superior with all due respect. This is why I wrote this letter, because you cannot “shush” me.

You hate drama, but this time, allow me to thank you for everything you have done for me as your employee. Even our afternoon coffee breaks become learning experiences for me. I admire your sense of humor that shines in every situation, especially when the whole department is stressed with deadlines, you manage to keep the spirits up.

I appreciate your corrections when I make mistakes. Yes, you are harsh when it comes to targeting faults. But I understand where you’re coming from. Your passion for perfection shines through when everything is completed.

In passing, I am inviting you to a dinner party hosted by the department. Details will follow in a separate invitation. It’s a treat for you and a way of showing our thanks for your patience with us. I hope you don’t mind. We will also be bringing in “surprise guests.”

For whatever it is worth, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will sound corny and will risk getting criticized later over our usual coffee break, but then again, life is short. Someday, I hope you will never forget this dramatic imp of an employee you have.

Thanks again and see you soon.


Sample Appreciation letter to Colleague

Sample Appreciation letter to Colleague/ Sample Thank You letter to Colleague/ Formal Appreciation letter to Colleague/ Informal Appreciation letter to Colleague/What to write in a Appreciation Note to Colleague/ Appreciation Wordings For Colleague

Formal Appreciation letter to Colleague

Dear Mr. Boswell,

We wish to express our sincere appreciation to you as well as to the members of your team for the exceptional quality of work you have produced during the recent launching of the company’s latest product. The CEO Mr. Thomkins commended the whole presentation during the short meeting we had before the event started, and I would like you to know that the other invited quests and sponsors were also pleased.

As a result of your impressive work, the company was able to meet the expected support from sponsors both within and beyond the reaches of our target market.

Thank you for leading the team in my absence. You have not only followed what we have originally planned out, you have added the creative touches that made the final output look extra polished. I had no regrets assigning you the responsibility. You did a great job, comrade!

Moving forward, we will be having a department dinner to celebrate this job well done. This is a token of appreciation from yours truly. I also requested from our boss a paid three-day break for your team. I know everyone is exhausted from all the work completed. You all deserve some rest to regain your strength and creative juices. In the meantime, I’ll coordinate with the management the upcoming projects.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and support. I will see you and the rest of the guys soon.

Darnell Collins
Creative Director


Informal Appreciation letter to Colleague

Hey John,

I just want to thank you for your awesome job on the presentation made yesterday. Your work is truly commendable. Even the big bosses and other top guns in the industry noticed how well the whole set up was made. I was even tempted to say that it was my idea, but nah! It’s all your concept and handiwork. Hey, just joking, buddy. I am dying with envy, (ehem) admiration.

Seriously, John, I have never seen such a unique and strong concept. It was a work of art. Yeah! That level! I have seen you stress out on this project from the start until the last day of delivery. I am amazed at your level of patience and consistency with your work, sometimes to the point of fatigue.

Now that the project is finished, let’s celebrate to your success. I made a reservation at the VIP club this weekend. Go gather the team and invite them over so we can chill and let loose for a while before we get back to work on Monday again. So, what do you think? Cool huh?

Think about it. The invitation is open and just let me know when you feel like going and when you are all ready for action and some fun.

Finally, I thank you again for doing what you do best. You have inspired not only me but also the rest of the guys in the department.


Sample Appreciation Letter To Retired Employee

Sample Appreciation Letter To Retired Employee/ Sample Thank You Letter To Retired Employee/Appreciation Note To Retired Employee

Sample Appreciation Letter To Retired Employee - Example One 

Dear (retiree’s name),
We will definitely miss your presence and your exceptional service at the office this coming week. In the 20 years that you have worked with the company, we have enjoyed the fruits of your exemplary work. Your organizational skills have set a lot of systems straight which contributed a lot to the efficiency of the work place. The junior employees have seen an excellent example of work ethic from you.

Congratulations on your retirement. May you fully enjoy the perks of your retirement years in good health and with good relationships. Although we hate to see you go, we are happy to see you rest from the stresses of daily corporate life and now move to a peaceful and blissful lifestyle you fully deserve.

(name of colleague)

Sample Appreciation Letter To Retired Employee - Example Two  

Dear (retiree’s name), 
After 25 years of service here in (name of company), we have a heavy heart to see you go. It seems so hard to believe that more than two decades have gone by. I do congratulate you for achieving retirement status, a position many of us in the corporate world also look forward to one day.

During the early years of your tenure, when the company was in deep turmoil, you contributed so much of your effort and talents to find solutions to the problems. We are truly grateful for your dedication and smart work which helped the company rise again to where it is today.

We thank you for everything you have done for the company. We wish you all the best as you move to a more relaxed and enjoyable phase in life.

(name of colleauge)

Sample Appreciation Letter To Retired Employee - Example Three

Dear (retiree’s name),
Congratulations on your retirement. I was surprised and saddened after learning about the announcement of your early retirement.

During your few years of tenure, we have seen how the department’s morale was boosted. Your colleagues have nothing but praises to your hard work, professionalism, and your friendly attitude you have shown at work.

You have been a tremendous asset to the company with your patience and concern for our clients, the company, as well as to your colleagues. It is sad to see you go this soon.

Just the same, I am still happy that you have decided in favor of your family’s welfare in seeking a more fulfilling and peaceful life in another country. I wish you all the best as you go on your retirement.

(name of boss)

Sample Appreciation Letter To Retired Employee - Example Four

Dear John,
The day you announced about your retirement, I felt sad for myself but also happy for you and your family. How dare you take away the cheerful aura from this office. You are my only coffee buddy. Now I have to find another one who can take your place. Good luck to me.

Honestly, I am just as excited to know that you will be in a more relaxed state, enjoying more time on vacations, hobbies, and with your grandchildren. I can’t wait to visit you in your newly-constructed state-of-the art shed and have barbecues with you soon since you are just a few minutes’ drive away. For now, enjoy the transition and a longer vacation.

Congratulations on your retirement, buddy!

Appreciation Messages for Doctors

Appreciation Messages for Doctors/ Sample Appreciation Messages for Doctors/ Thank You Wordings For Doctors/ Appreciation Wordings for Doctors/ Appreciation Note for Doctor

Doctors are like heroes of our lives who saves us from the misery of pain. Being a doctor is a noble job and their professional expertise and personal touch are priceless. A testimonial or recommendation to others are means of your appreciation to them. But most of all, a thank you note is a must. Here is a collection of sample appreciation messages for Doctors that you can use.

If you want to write an appreciation letter to your Doctor go ahead and check our collection on sample appreciation letters to Doctor.

1. You have been more than a doctor to our family, but also a good friend to us. I am relieved knowing that you are there taking care of us. Thank you, Doc Martin.

2. I am so blessed to have you as my Godmother and true friend to my mom. You are always generous to give free consultations and hospitalization when I was a child. You are truly a doctor with the heart.

3. I will be happy to recommend you Doctor Sarah to others. You have been such a great doctor throughout these years. I wish others can experience your care and expertise as a doctor.

4. Being in a hospital is a terrible experience, but you made me feel like home. Your caring and extra effort to make your patient comfortable is truly remarkable. Thank you Doc!

5. Your great explanation of my illness and giving me hope that I can recover gave me strength to face this life’s challenge. Knowing that you are my doctor, I feel safe. My trust and confidence are always with you Dr. Teray.

6. My visit to your clinic is pleasant as always. Thank you my doctor and friend. The laughter and small chats are big part of my recovery.

7. Thank you for your cheerful and sincere approach to your patients. I am lucky to be one of them, thank you Doc Terence.


8. I am an ordinary patient with an extraordinary doctor! I keep telling my friends how great you are, my fast recovery was because of you.

9. My sincere thanks to the best doctor in the world. My daughter recovered already and is kicking alive. You are always a reliable and kind doctor. Thank you Dr. Kirsten.

10. Doctors are trained to psyche their patients, but not all can give genuine care and understanding like you.

11. Doctors are always busy and in a hurry, but whenever I visit your clinic you give your sincere and undivided attention. Having an appointment is always worth the visit.

12. Your innate care to others shows, your profession of being a doctors fits you well. I will always be grateful to have you as my doctor.

13. Medicines are just instrument to heal a person, but the comforting words of a doctor do a great job in healing one’s spirit. Thank you Dr. Margo!

14. You always made me believed that I can recover from this illness and I did. Thank you for your medical, mental, emotional, and spiritual unwavering support.

15. I cannot find the words to thank you for all what you did to my son. You took a big part for his remarkable recovery. Thank you Dr. Benjamin.

16. Having a cancer illness is physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. It is also a stressful times for the family. Because of your very good explanation about my case and sincere care, my illness becomes bearable. Thank you Doc.

17. I will never forget the doctor who always smiles in the hospital room when I was admitted for an operation. Your bright aura brings so much joy and inner healing.

18. Thank you for the excellent care, I thought my stay in the hospital can be too scary. The nurses and staff on duty are also approachable and kind.

19. I was so happy when I gave birth to my first born. Thank you for the pre-natal and post-natal excellent medical services. I am relieved that we are safe in your hands. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dr. Kenny.

20. Because of you, I know that my health is in good hands. Thank you, doctor.

21. Next to God, you are the one I trust with my life. From the bottom of my hypothalamus, thank you very much!

22. Without a doctor like you, I couldn’t have sailed through the rough days when I was sick. Thank you so much!

23. I am sending this note to send my heartfelt gratitude. Thank you so much for being there for me when I needed the most.

24. Thanks for easing my pain and thank you for encouraging me when I was down. You have done what medicine along e would not have done. Continue to be a blessing to others through your profession.

25.I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a professional and kind doctor. The care that I received each time during consultation was something amazing. Thank You!!

26.With your professionalism and years of experience, you diagnose each and every disease with ease. You have been the best doctor I have consulted. Thank you and God bless!

27. Thank you so much for your exceptional service day after day. Greatly impressed by the way you diagnose and treat any ailment with ease. You have been a great doctor for our community.

28.Thank you for your kindness and patience. You hear and solve every ailment, no matter how complex it be. With thanks to a special doctor like you. --Mr. XXXS

29. I still remember the day of my surgery. You explained everything in great detail. I felt so comfortable that day. You helped me faster recovery. Thank you!

30.No words are enough to appreciate the service you do. You as a doctor and the staff at your clinic has been really helpful and supportive. Thank you for all your service.

31.The care and empathy I received from a doctor like you has been of great help to me. Even though it is hard for me to recover fully from my condition, your support makes me feel better.Thank you for your exceptional service.
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