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Sending a message of appreciation to your boyfriend is an excellent way to show your love and affection for him. For anything that he did that pleased you, show how thankful you are by sending him a short and sweet appreciation message. Take a look at some of the samples appreciation messages for Boyfriend right here and make your man feel special by sending him a special thank you message. 

  • Thank you, sweetheart for always remembering to bring me coffee. You really know how to perk me up.

  • The way you smile, walk, and run your fingers through your hair when you try to think of something makes me weak in the knees. You are my prince charming!

  • I really appreciate that you always insist to drive me home despite the terrible traffic. Thank you, my love.

  • When the glorious smell of the freshly cooked food greeted me last night, I felt love. Thank you for cooking a delicious dinner, sweetheart.

  • Thank you for helping me get through the rough time in my life. Because you are here with me, I know I am safe. I love you.

  • Thank you for the flowers. It really brightened up my gloomy morning. You really are the sweetest!

  • Your tender loving care helped me recover quickly. Thank you so much, love.

  • I am so thankful that you stayed with me yesterday. I was so nervous, but your reassurance encouraged me to give it my best shot.

  • I know that sometimes I can be a difficult girl to deal with especially during my mood swings. Thank you for being patient and understanding. I love you.

  • That moment I saw you at the gate, I knew that you still remembered your promise. Thank you for keeping your promise. I love you always.

  • Thank you for all the sweet and mushy things you do for me even when I am angry. You may not see me express it but I really am blushing deep inside. 

  • Thank you for moving closer to my place. I look forward to many sweet times ahead. Now, I feel more secured knowing that you are just a few steps away.

  • Your presence brings so much happiness when you are around. Thank you for stopping by regularly by my office.

  • They say long distance relationships don’t last. But you proved them all wrong by finding means to always keep in touch with me. Thank you for your untiring effort. 

  • Thank you for walking the dog every single day. I am so touched by your gesture of care for them, treating them like your own babies.

  • You always have a ready ear to listen to me whenever I need someone to talk to. Thank you so much for being there even if you are tired.

  • Your care and protection for me speaks louder than words. I really feel loved. Thank you, my dear.

  • Thank you for the chocolates. I savored each one, thinking how sweet you really are. 

  • You are an incredibly talented person. I appreciate your patience on teaching me some of your skills so I can understand your hobby. I love you and I want to take part in what you also enjoy doing.

  • Thank you for bringing me to my favorite place. I have never felt this peaceful in so many years. 

  • Thank you for always hearing me out before stating your arguments. Because of that we don’t clash as much. It’s a sign of our maturity in our relationship.

  • My love, you are wonderful. I appreciate your way of talking to my parents even if they are biased. Thank you for being respectful.

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