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Most of us have been inspired, in one way or another, by our professor during our learning years in school. We know their jobs are a bit daunting and they deserve some appreciation every now and then. If you witness or experience something out of the ordinary from your professor, it’s only fitting to let them know the impact that they are creating. Here is a collection of sample appreciation messages that can help you to convey your gratitude. Read on to find the perfect appreciation wordings for your professor right here. 

  • The internet contains almost everything a student needs to know, yet it will never compare how you impart your knowledge to us dear professor. Thank you for being an inspiration.

  • Professors maybe a dime a dozen, but a professor like you is a gem among the crowd.

  • Dear professor, we are the best in the batch because you’ve brought out the best in us.

  • Thank you professor for imparting your knowledge and wisdom that would empower us in our lives.

  • The methods of teaching that you employed are quite powerful. Instead of spoon-feeding, you simply showed the way and made us learn even more. Thank you professor. 

  • Thank you for being more than just a professor, but also being a mentor, motivator and a life coach. 

  • The future is not dependent on technology, but on professors like you who brilliantly show the way how to navigate the knowledge, the technology and life itself. 

  • You never seemed to work simply to earn, you made us feel that you sincerely wanted to make a difference. Thank you professor.

  • Sometimes being a professor may seem a thankless job, so we’re here to let you know that you have imparted more of yourself to us and we are grateful for it. 

  • Your inspirational words are forever etched in our hearts. This is the kind of vandalism we don’t mind at all. Thank you professor. 

  • Great things are inspired by professors like you. I know someday, someone in this class will achieve their dreams and it’s all because of you. 

  • Your inspirational words will forever stay in my heart. Thank you for being more than just a professor. 

  • Going beyond your duty as a professor is a humbling experience for me. I know you’re not doing this for the pay, but to make a difference in your student’s lives. 

  • Professors like you make me look forward to going to school everyday. Thank you for being such an inspiration professor. 

  • Professors provide the necessary wind for their students to soar high. Thank you for everything. 

  • We joke around that you are the shortest tempered professor in school, but we all agree that you also have the biggest heart. 

  • Teaching us beyond the textbooks leaves us awestruck. Thank you for going the extra mile to make a difference in our lives.

  • Your unselfish sharing of knowledge beyond what is written in our textbooks is priceless. Thank you professor for your incredible dedication.

  • We appreciate your dedication of being a professor. We know we students can be difficult at times, but we want you to know how grateful we are in you undertakings.

  • You’ve left quite an impression in our young minds. For this we are truly grateful for your dedication dear professor. 

  • I know that professors like you who make the school known. I’m sending you my gratitude for your dedication in teaching more than what the textbooks dictate.

  • I am very lucky to have you as my professor. You’ve been more than just a teacher, but a living inspiration for me.

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