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Nurse Appreciation Week is celebrated from the 6th May to the 12th of May. National Nurses Day is celebrated annually on May 6 to raise awareness of the important role nurses play in our society. It marks the beginning of National Nurses Week, which ends on May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale.

National Nurses Week was first observed in October 1954, the 100th anniversary of Nightingale's mission to Crimea. On National Nurses Day celebrations and receptions are held across the United States to honor the work of nurses. Among the most popular activities are banquets, state and city proclamations, and seminars. Many nurses receive gifts or flowers from friends, family members, and patients. 

So go ahead and show your appreciation to your favourite nurses you know in your family or friend circle and write a heartfelt appreciation message or a thoughtful thank you note to your favourite nurse.

  • You are not called a nurse for nothing. Thank you from the depth of my heart for nursing me to good health. I really appreciate your dedication towards your work.

  • I cannot thank you enough for providing me with the best nursing care that I could ever imagine. And Nurse Appreciation week is the best time to thank you for all your love and care. 

  • Please accept my hearty thanks for nursing me without getting agitated for all the mess that you had to clean up so many times. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

  • Not once did you flinch at my gaping wounds while dressing me. Had it not been for your nursing I would still been holed up in that bed. I can never thank you enough.

  • Thank you so much for bearing with me at my worst time and still taking such wonderful care of me. Thank you for helping me recover.

  • Your nursing skills are second to none. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for taking care of my son/daughter/partner. I owe a lot to you nurse.

  • If it wasn’t for you I would be dead by now. Your deft hands and remarkable nursing skills have made me whole once again.

  • In spite of all the tough time that I gave you as a patient, you never lost your cool and went about your duty with such loving care. I appreciate all that you have done for me.

  • Your unflinching nursing with the regularity with which you nursed me back to health is highly appreciated by me. I will always remember you.

  • I would have never been the same person had it not been for your belief that I could recover. Each action of yours in nursing my wounds will be remembered by me for a long time to come. May God bless you abundantly.

  • The compassion with which you have nursed me is commendable. I will never forget your kind ways. Thank you so much dear.

  • In spite of your long duty hours you were always patient with me, where as I have been a difficult patient. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such exemplary care of me.
Appreciation Messages For Nurses/ Appreciation Wordings For Nurses/ Appreciation Note For Nurses/ Thank You Messages For Nurses/ Thank You Wordings For Nurses/ What to write in a Thank You Card to a Nurse

Good nurses are among the most hardworking people around. Their task is crucial because people’s lives depend on their care. 

If you came across a good nurse, send him or her a thank you message to show your appreciation. Here are some sample thank you messages for Nurses that you can use to convey your gratitude.
  • Without nurses, it would be hard for a doctor to survive. Thank you, nurses, for your devotion to your profession.

  • From the ER to my last day at the hospital, you were there making sure that everything’s going to be fine with me. Thank you for your care.

  • Thank you, nurse ______ for taking care of my grandmother during her time at the hospital. I can never thank you enough for your patience and kindness to her. Our family will always remember you. 

  • Sometimes it irritates me that you have a lot of questions on how I feel and when I took my meds, but I realized it is for my own wellbeing. Thank you, nurse ______.

  • If not for you, I would have flatlined. Thank you for your alertness and expert care. You saved my life.

  • Even if you are tired from your shift, you always have a ready smile for your patients. Thank you, dear nurse. I wish you well always.

  • I am alive because of your unselfish care. Thank you, my nurse. 
  • Thank you for loving your work. Your devotion to caring for your patients will never be forgotten.
  • You are the nurse who is like a mother to the children at the neonatal ward. Thank you for your dedication. 
  • I remember that my grandfather told me about the dedication of the nurses to the wounded soldiers. I salute you all, brave nurses of the war. Thank you.
  • You gave me hope when I was about to give up. Thank you for not giving up on me. 
  • You became the mother I needed when no one was with me. Thank you for caring for me at the hospital.
  • I see how hard you work to make sure that the patients get the medication and care needed. Please remember that your dedication is highly appreciated.
  • Because of your care, I survived. I am so blessed that you are my nurse. Thank you.
  • You did your work with compassion. Because of that, the patients recover faster. They know you care. Thank you.
  • Your presence in my hospital room makes me feel better. Thank you for your care. 
  • Nurses are like angels on earth sent to care and comfort the sick. Thank you for being my angel.
  • You don’t know me and yet you are ever so patient attending to my medical needs. Thank you so much. Now I understand why nursing is a noble profession.
  • Thank you for being so pushy about the schedule of my medications. What would I do without you?
  • Thank you for caring for my mom. She still calls your name even at the time of her last breath. Your dedication will always be remembered.
  • Thank you for the care I received during my recuperation at the hospital. You have shown the highest level of professionalism and dedication to your job as a nurse.
  • My nurse, my angel, I thank you for your care. I will definitely miss you when I leave the hospital.
  • Thank you for being an amazing and caring nurse. My sincere thanks to you for all the care and love that you showered on my mother during the surgery.
  • I greatly appreciate the way you cared me during my hospital stay. May God you abundantly!

  • I am greatly touched by the best care you provided when I was in the hospital. I am very grateful for the professional manner in which you showed care and concern. Thank you so much!
  • Thank you for extending your care and support to care of my terminally ill mother. You service meant a lot to me during the difficult period.
  • It was a difficult time for us but my mind was at rest knowing that he was in very good hands. You are really caring and considerate to severely sick. Certainly your service deserves much praise. Thanks!
  • I just want to say that you really did a good job of caring me when I was down. Your words inspired me. Thank you for being with me when I most needed it.
  • Thank you for taking time to explain the difficult medical procedure and making me feel at ease before the procedure. 
  • I have no words to thank you for your selfless service. You stood by me for my surgery even after your shift was over. Thank you so much!
  • You gave me the best care and calmed me when I was down. Your reassuring words meant a lot to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • During my delivery you stood by me. You were more excited that me to know if we had a boy or a girl. Your reassuring words meant a lot to me. Thank you for making me feel comfortable that day. 
Hope you enjoyed reading the sample thank you messages for nurses. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and send your heartfelt thanks right away! 

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