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It’s that time of year again when we add another year to our age and receive lots of well wishes for our birthday. Show your caring friends and relatives your appreciation bys sending them special notes telling them of your gratitude for their gesture. Here are is an amazing collection of thank you messages for Birthday wishes you may send them to make them feel special for their wishes. 

  • You’re such a sweet angel for sending me that birthday poem. I love it and will keep it in my heart.

  • You never fail to greet me on my special day. Thank you for remembering.

  • Those sweet messages you sent on my birthday made me feel special. Thank you.

  • I will forever cherish your kind words on my 18th birthday. Thank you so much.

  • Thank you for showing your love and support on my birthday through your best wishes. 

  • Showering me with your sincere wishes on my special day makes it even more special. Thank you. 

  • Thank you for the well wishes on my birthday. This really made me feel special and loved. 

  • I may be getting old every year, but your greetings and well wishes don’t. Thank you for making me feel special.

  • Your well wishes on my special day really made it special. Thank you.

  • It’s not everyday that I get to gather well wishes from someone like you. Thanks for the love and care.

  • I love it when people shower me with well wishes on my special day. Thanks for caring.

  • I am touched by your greetings on my birthday. Thank you for remembering my special day.

  • My special day was made even special by your well wishes. Thank you.

  • I appreciate all your well wishes during my birthday. Thank you so much.

  • I love that rhyme you gave me on my birthday. Thank you for making it extra special.

  • I am so touched by your brilliant message on my birthday. I’ll keep it in my heart. 

  • Thank you for being such an angel on my birthday. Your kind words make it so memorable. 

  • It was sweet of you to send your well wishes on my birthday through snail mail. Perfectly timed and so loving. Thank you. 

  • Your wish for me on my birthday brought me to tears, in a good way. Thank you for making it extra special.

  • You’re such a sweet thing wishing me all those good things on my birthday. Thank you.

  • I love how you make my birthday so special through your caring thoughts. Sending you my heartfelt thank you.

  • Those birthday well wishes coming from you mean a lot to me. Thank you.
Appreciation Messages to Friends After Birthday/Appreciation Messages to Friends For Birthday Wishes/ Sample Appreciation Messages for Birthday Wishes to Friends/ Appreciation Note for Birthday Wishes to friends/ Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes To Friends
After your birthday bash, it’s time to let those who joined in or contributed to your birthday celebration know how much you appreciated their efforts, time, generosity and also convey thanks to those who wished you well on your special day. It can be a funny one-liner or a sincere, heartfelt note. Make your birthday guests and birthday greeters feel that you acknowledge their efforts.

Here is a amazing collection of appreciation messages for friends after birthday wishes which you can use to express your gratitude. 

  • My birthday is made special because you were there. Thank you so much for sharing with my special day. 

  • Guys, you are the best. You made my birthday party such a blast! Let’s do this again next year!

  • You know how to make me cry, in a good way. Your birthday wishes were so sincere. I’ll never forget them. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

  • I sure had a great time last night on my birthday party. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Thank you for celebrating with me.

  • You guys put the HAPPY on my happy birthday celebration. You are all awesome my friends!

  • I’m very thankful for everyone for their well wishes. Let’s all live long and prosper.
  • Last night was a birthday party to remember. Thank you guys for making this my happiest birthday ever!

  • All your well wishes for my birthday made it really special. Thank you everyone!

  • What’s a birthday without friends like you to send me your well wishes? Thanks for being such a sweet bunch!

  • Thank you for coming to my birthday celebration. It was great to see old friends come together to celebrate with me. 

  • Your generous birthday gift and heartfelt birthday wish made my special day extra special. Thank you so much. 

  • It’s great to know that everyone who greeted me yesterday wants the best for me. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
  • To all who greeted me on my birthday, it would have been just another day for me. Thank you for making it extra special.

  • It’s been a blast celebrating my birthday with friends and family. Thank you all for sharing this special day with me.

  • I’m delighted by all your birthday greetings and well wishes for my birthday. Thank you for making me feel important and loved. 

  • I’m so lucky to have friends like you. Thank you so much for the surprise birthday party. 

  • Ok, this hangover was not what I had in mind, but it was so much fun celebrating my birthday with you guys. Thanks for the fun, no thanks for the hangover though.

  • I am delighted to have so many greetings and well wishes on my birthday. Thank you friends and family for making it extra special.
  • You are the best girl friends one could ever have! Thanks for the all-girl birthday bash. I loved it so much!

  • I feel like the luckiest person for having you as friends. My birthday celebration with you is one for the books! Thanks so much!

  • Thank you for sending me your birthday wishes through old school mail. Your timing is impeccable. I love it!

  • I will forever cherish yesterday’s birthday celebration. Thank you my friends for a wonderful party!
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