Belated Birthday Wishes

Thank You Messages For Belated Birthday Wishes/ Appreciation Messages For Belated Birthday Wishes/Thank You Wordings For Belated Birthday Wishes/ Thank You Note For Belated Birthday Wishes

Admit it, we all tend to forget birthday of a special someone or a dear friend. Now, if you are on the other end of this situation, I’m sure you’ll find it in your heart to let this forgetfulness slide. It’s still fitting to thank these late greeters, after all, it’s better late than never. Here is a collection of  thank you wordings that  you may use to acknowledge your loved ones efforts. Read on to find the perfect thank you  messages for beleated birthday wishes.

  • I’d be devastated if you totally forgot about my birthday. Your wishes were late but never mind. Thank you for the belated greetings and your well wishes.

  • Your belated birthday wish is just as awesome as you are. Thank you for remembering.

  • I’m also guilty of forgetting birthdays. Thank you so much for your sweet and thoughtful wishes.

  • Late birthday wishes are better than none at all. You still manage to send me the most thoughtful birthday wish. Thank you so much.

  • You did not forget my birthday, you were just late. Thank you for your sincere birthday wishes. 

  • I appreciate the effort, even when it’s late, you are a master of quality save. Thank you for your birthday wishes.

  • Ha! I knew you’d still send me a belated birthday wish. You know my birthday isn’t special without your greeting. Thank you so much.

  • Thank you for your brilliant belated birthday wish. I learned a lot and may use it too should I forget someone else’s birthday.

  • I know you are a busy body and I do appreciate your birthday wish even when it’s a bit late. Thank you for remembering. You’re still the sweetest friend ever. 

  • Not remembering is different from forgetting. Thank you for your belated birthday wishes. 

  • Late is always better than never. Thank you so much for your belated birthday greetings. 

  • I too am guilty of forgetting someone else’s birthday and it’s ok to be late than totally forgetting. Thank you for your sincere birthday wishes.

  • I admit I’m a bit upset, but your sweet birthday messages make me forget it was a late greeting. Thank you so much;

  • Friends forgive each other’s shortcomings. Thank you for your birthday well wishes.

  • I love it when you come up with brilliant excuses for late birthday greetings. Thank you so much for your well wishes.

  • Don’t be too guilty. It’s ok to be late but not cool to forget. Thanks so much for your birthday wishes!

  • It’s cool brother. No need for apology. I’m still thrilled you sent me a sincere belated birthday wish. 

  • People sometimes forget and that’s okay. You still sent me the most caring birthday wish ever.

  • 19. Forgetting my birthday is a bit of a let down, but forgetting completely is a different story. Thanks for the belated birthday wishes!

  • I’m a little upset that you forgot my birthday, but it’s okay, you sent your belated birthday wishes anyway. Thanks so much. 

  • Because you sent the sweetest belated birthday wish, you’re off the hook. Thank you for being such a sweet friend.

  • Forgetting my birthday I can forgive, but not greeting me is unacceptable. Thanks for your witty and funny birthday wish.

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