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When the guests have left and the big event is over, there is still one more thing to do for your guests and all who made your wedding day possible. It is to send a note of appreciation. To make it less stressful for you as a bride, groom, or the wedding coordinator, here are some appreciation messages you can use. Read on to find the perfect thank you messages after wedding right here. 

  • Thank you for sharing this special day with us. Because of your love and support this event became possible.

  • We treasure the day we were bound by marriage. Thank you for being part of it.

  • We thank you so much for making our wedding day so special. The guests also speak highly of your flower arrangements. 

  • Thank you for the wonderful food service during our wedding reception. We were filled and satisfied with the quality of food and beverages served. We would definitely recommend your services to others.

  • Until now, our family and friend kept talking about how gorgeous your gown designs were during my wedding. Thank you for making us look gorgeous. 

  • Thank you for coordinating my wedding. All details were done marvelously. Your expertise made our special day memorable.

  • I sincerely thank you for attending our wedding. Your presence meant so much to us. 

  • In behalf of the family, I would like to thank you for helping out during _______ and _________’s wedding. As they travel to their honeymoon, they have also sent their thanks and best regards to you. 

  • Thank you for being with me through all the preparations during our wedding. The whole event wouldn’t have been that successful without your help.

  • We just want to thank you for taking time out of your schedules to be part of our wedding celebration. 

  • Your presence brought us joy to our wedding celebration. Thank you for attending.

  • To our dearest family and friends, Thank you for showing your love and support to our union by witnessing our wedding ceremony.

  • With sincerest appreciation, we thank you for the lovely gifts and well-wishes you sent our way. 

  • Thank you for blessing us during our wedding. We truly felt the love of God through your prayers for us.

  • We greatly appreciate your presence during our first moments as a wedded couple. You made our wedding day more memorable.

  • If the bride and groom complete each other, you completed the wedding day with your presence. Thank you for being with us on our special day.

  • With your presence during our wedding, we felt loved. Thank you.

  • The wedding event was complete because you were there. Thank you for attending our wedding celebration.

  • Our wedding day is the first happiest day for us as a couple. Thank you for being part of it.

  • The memories of our wedding day will always linger because you made it special with your presence.

  • Your prayers for us as a couple meant so much. Thank you for praying for us on our wedding day.

  • The wedding was so beautiful because of your efforts in every aspect. Thank you for your help during the wedding.

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